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    Eric sat at his desk in the back of the room in his science class. He stared at the clock impatiently, counting down the seconds until the bell signaled the end of the school day. It was a Friday and he had books to read for the weekend. Fantasy and adventure were definitely the most interesting. He brushed his light brown hair out of his dark blue eyes to see the clock clearly. Eric tapped on his desk with his pencil and tried to focus on other things. His mind drifted off to an image of him sitting by the woods behind the school. No one was allowed to enter because the school thought it was unsafe. The freshman was walking towards an opening between the trees and made up a path in his mind for him to follow. He pictures others standing around in the woods, but couldn’t quite see their faces. Eric focused hard on them. A girl… no no… two girls… and another boy. And there, in the center, a book? He walked towards them and opened his mouth to speak.
“Mr. Hoss! The bell rang three and a half minutes ago! Head home at once!!!” His teacher screeched at him. Startled, Eric looked up to see the other students had left. He quickly picked up his things and headed out to go behind the school and take a trip to the woods.
So this is just a sample of a story I might write but idk. :/
So this is just basically an intro to a story I might write called Elementary. Should I or naw? Obviously the chapters would be much longer, but yknow this is just supposed to be a lil intro thingy. Warning this will contain mucho profanity cuz fuck you thats why. :- )
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Jeezy.. so needy. lol okay i will. 
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